KIPP Esperanza High School will be opening for incoming 9th graders in the fall for academic year 2020-21. KIPP has a long and proven track record of successful high schools in the Bay Area, with established elementary and middle schools in East Palo Alto (KIPP Valiant) and Redwood City (KIPP Excelencia.) KIPP Esperanza is the next step in helping students continue their journey from kindergarten through life.
KIPP Esperanza


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We are accepting applications for rising 9th graders!
Apply now for the 2020-21 academic year at KIPP!


The KIPP Difference

We know that great education transforms lives. 

KIPP already has successful middle schools in Redwood City & East Palo Alto.

All 3 KIPP high schools were top ranked in the Bay Area in 2019!*

94% of 2019 KIPP high school graduates are planning to go to college.

KIPP Bay Area alumni are over three times as likely to graduate from college as their peers



98% of students at KIPP Bay Area graduate high school.

Sister school KIPP San Jose Collegiate was ranked the #1 Bay Area public high school in 2019!



100% of our high school graduates have completed their A-G requirements (making them UC and CSU eligible.)
KIPP Esperanza